There is about £120m in unspent funds sitting on Wandsworth Council's books.

The money was found by Wandsworth's Liberal Democrat group following a series of Freedom of Information requests.

April 2012: Developers present plans for £20m Jubilee Bridge

November 2012: Proposal for Thames Jubilee bridge submitted to allow easy access to Fulham, Imperial Wharf station, Chelsea and Battersea

June 2013: Diamond Jubilee bridge from Battersea to Fulham given thumbs up

According to the council, money collected from developers is committed to projects, even if it is not spent, and some require a period of saving before they can be funded.

There are also times delays occur in receiving and spending the money.

It did not add how much of the unspent £120m this covered.

S106 and CIL money is pledged by housing developers to local councils as part of planning applications and is intended for use in infrastructure projects.

The money is usually spent on things like road improvements and school places.

Wandsworth Times:

Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett, Wandsworth and Merton London Assembly Liberal Democrat candidate said: "The Conservative local council is typically denying new improvements to walking and cycling routes in the borough, creating a better environment for everyone.

"We know there is £120m of Section 106 money accumulated which is available to spend and is time-limited.

"Yet the local Tory council say it can't afford to make the improvements."

A request under the Freedom of Information Act revealed that £65m of developer funds was available to Wandsworth Council in 2014/15, with £7.9m spent, leaving around £57m untouched in one year alone.

Between 2012 and 2015, there was £128m available from developer funds and £10.2m spent.

In 2012/13, £760,000 was spent in Queenstown, and £257,000 in St Mary's Park.

In 2013/14 Fairfield received £230,000 and Earlsfield £315,700.

In 2014/15 St Mary's Park received a further £483,670, and Tooting got £83,302.

The Lib Dem group has said the money could be used to help fund the Battersea to Fulham Jubilee Bridge, a cycle and pedestrian crossing over the River Thames granted permission in 2013, but remains unbuilt.

Jonathan Cook, deputy council leader, said: "Every penny of Section 106 and CIL funding is allocated to local projects like the new council homes we’re building in Nine Elms and our plans to redesign the Wandsworth one-way system.

"If Mr Hyyrylainen-Trett wants to divert funding to pay for the Diamond Jubilee Bridge he must also identify the schemes he wants to cancel. "We have made good progress in building the case for this bridge with both the council and Mayor of London incorporating the scheme in official planning guidance in recent weeks.

"The next step is to work with Transport for London, the Mayor and other partners to develop a joint funding package with fair and realistic contributions from all concerned."

A spokesman for Hammersmith and Fulham council said: "Hammersmith and Fulham Council granted conditional planning permission in November 2013.

"We understand the applicant is working to raise the funds for construction.

"We support the proposal and look forward to it becoming a reality that will benefit Hammersmith and Fulham residents."