Families took to the streets on Sunday to campaign against the end of a charity's contract in the Alton Activity Centre.

Wandsworth Times:

After-school care and school holiday activities at the Roehampton estate have been run by Spurgeon's for the last five years, but their contract with Wandsworth Council is due to expire in the next month.

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Protests against the closure were dismissed as "scaremongering" by the authority's cabinet member for children services Kathy Tracey.

Parents have called the centre a "God-send" and said they would struggle to provide after-school childcare without it.

Wandsworth Times:

Mum of five, Kay Woodcock said: "The centre is a service for the area.

"I have five children, aged 10-20 and they have all used the centre since we have been here.

"We have used it for after-school care, for summer care, and their outreach programme and school referrals.

"They have also helped with my son, who is on the autism spectrum disorder, overcome certain obstacles."

Mrs Woodcock said schools in the area would struggle to provide the same care and that private childcare was too expensive for most families.

Councillor Jeremy Ambache, who has been leading the campaign, said: "We are delighted with the turnout, we had 60 people and lots of children.

"We had overwhelming support from people in Roehampton when we walked through.

"There is massive support from people [to keep the centre running]."

Wandsworth Times:

A Wandsworth Council spokesman said the decision to end the contract was made in 2011 and that other services will be provided at the centre in the future.

Councillor Kathy Tracey said: "We have made it clear right from the start that the centre itself is not closing - only that the existing contract term is ending and is not being renewed.

"The council intends to use the centre for a range of family-oriented initiatives, including a health visitor clinic, parenting classes, plus support and help from the family recovery project and we are also in advanced discussions with a number of local organisations with the intention of offering a range of child related services and activities at the centre from April onwards."