A brightly coloured tribute to the Battersea Power Station has been revealed in Battersea Park in preparation for the Affordable Art Fair.

The Power Station installations are made up of five structures and will sit in the heart of Battersea for the duration of the spring fair opening Thursday, March 10 until Sunday, March 13.

When viewed from various angles the structures appear as irregular shapes and fragments, but come together at one viewpoint to form the recognisable shape of the Battersea Power Station.

Each structure features an image of artwork available at the upcoming fair.

Wandsworth Times:

Luci Noel, director at Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, said: "We wanted to honour the power station as it's an important part of the local area.

"We have been hosting the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park for 17 years with the Power Station as a backdrop, so it is really interesting to watch it take on this transformation. 

"We wanted our installation to reflect that although the Power Station is undergoing change, it will become complete again."

The Power Station itself is currently undergoing an £8bn renovation.

The Affordable Art Fair will run from March 10-13 and acts as a platform for hundreds of artists to showcase their contemporary work while providing locals a chance to view and buy a varied mix of art.

For more information on the exhibiting galleries at the fair, visit affordableartfair.co.uk.