Labour London Mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan took questions from Mumsnet users on Monday lunchtime, as the campaign enters the last 10 days. 

Here are five things we learned.

1. Mr Khan backs the Garden Bridge. 

He told Twitter user @BermondseyBeat: "I support the Garden Bridge but there are questions about the procurement process which I will look into as Mayor. 

"I do think we should look into more river crossings in the East of London. We should also be looking at cycling bridges. I love the cycle snake bridge in Copenhagen."

2. He has no intention to tax gold jewellery.

He told Whatthefoxgoingon: "For the avoidance of doubt, can I reassure all Londoners who may be Hindu, Sikh or Tamil - any gold jewellery you have will be safe should I be the Mayor of London.

"For those of us who didn't receive this leaflet from Zac we can only wonder why."

3. He is pinching ideas from other Mayors.

He told PirateSmile: "I have met many mayors from the UK and around the world. I have also studied what others mayors have been doing. Mayors can do a huge amount.

"I like what Bill De Blasio is dong in New York with his Tech Talent pipeline. 

"Anne Hidalgo in Paris is doing great work in involving Parisians in decision making. Rahm Emmanuel in Chicago is helping small businesses flourish and thrive. 

"I am unashamedly pinching the best ideas to be the best possible mayor for the greatest city in the world."

4. He is a "proud feminist", and answered questions after it was revealed he spoke at events where women had to use different entrances to men.

He told HildurOdegard: "I prefer events to be mixed but like the Prime Minister and Zac Goldsmith, sometimes attend events at synagogues, temples, gurdwaras and mosques where there are separate arrangements for men and women. 

"I have set out plans to address gender inequality in London. For example, I will publish City Hall's first ever Gender Pay Audit. I will make sure at least half of the members of my Business Advisory Board are women.

"The TfL Board at the moment only has four out of sixteen members who are women. This probably explains why sexist adverts appear on our tube and the British Transport Police can think it is ok to close down a special unit to deal with sexual assaults on public transport. I will ensure there are more women on the TfL Board."

5. His favourite biscuit is a chocolate hobnob.

Wandsworth Times:

Zac Goldsmith, the Conservative candidate, is taking questions in a live webchat tomorrow, Tuesday, at 9am. 

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