A bar and restaurant popular with celebrities including Prince Harry and model Cara Delevingne has been told to repaint after embracing Euro 2016 spirit with Italian flag stripes.

Bunga Bunga in Battersea Bridge Road redecorated the outside on May 22 in the colours of the Italian flag, but was told by Wandsworth Council to return the building to its original colours, as the current palate is out of keeping with the conservation area.

The bar's owners argue that the scheme fits in with the Royal College of Art nearby and customers have been in favour.

The pizzeria-bar is owned by clubland bosses Charlie Gilkes and Duncan Stirling who also run Maggie's nightclub and the Underground-themed Cahoots bar. 

They say they will appeal against the order. 

Mr Gilkes said: "With the Euros and the vote on Europe coming up we wanted the people of Italy to feel truly welcome by putting their national flag on the building.

"We're sad the council doesn't share the many positive comments we've received and don't feel this creative new look fits in with our surrounding Royal College of Art neighbours." 

Mr Gilkes said he had been told he did not need permission to repaint because the building is not listed, and said he believed there was a precedent for brightly coloured buildings in the borough.

He said: "It's a matter of subjective opinion as to whether it 'adversely affects the appearance of an area'. 

"Given there is precedent for lots of very brightly coloured buildings in the borough and the building's paint was previously crumbling and incredibly tatty we feel this change makes a positive impact." 

A council spokesman said: "The building is part of a conservation area within which all property owners are required to preserve the Victorian character of the streets.

"Following complaints about the bar's paintwork we have written to the owners to request that they repaint it to match the previous appearance."

Bunga Bunga must be repainted within 28 days or face legal action.