A failed mayoral bid has not put one candidate off politics, as he has returned to fight again in the Tooting by-election.

Ankit Love was the youngest mayoral candidate when he lost out in May to Sadiq Khan with his One Love party, but he has pulled out all the stops for his Tooting candidacy, even releasing a rap video to support his bid.

Mr Love is from Jammu-Kashmir and his party works with the Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party, seeking for reunification of India and Pakistan.

Wandsworth Times:

Ankit Love on count night in City Hall with Caroline Pidgeon, Sadiq Khan, Zac Goldsmith and Lee Harris

His biggest priority is air pollution, which he calls an "invisible, senseless killer".

He said: "I am really trying my best to pull off a revolution in this country and this is the best way.

"People think air pollution has been around, they say 'it wasn't a problem when I was a kid so why is it now?'

"I did not realise how ignorant I was on it until I started looking into it.

"People think clean energy costs too much but air pollution is costing us trillions of pounds every year in health care."

Mr Love said he knew more people were championing the issue now, but believed they were not going far enough to offer solutions.

He said: "We could invest £800m in electric buses in London now and that would save thousands of lives."

On Tooting, Mr Love said he was in favour of bringing the Crossrail 2 line through Tooting Broadway, despite the extra cost and time when compared with Balham.

He said: "It will release more housing stock, even though it will cost more and take longer.

"I am against the high speed two line."

Mr Love is also very strongly for remaining in the European Union, and said he was shocked by the arguments for leaving.

He said: "As an artist, I am open minded and I look beyond race.

"This is nonsensical fear-mongering by a few people who want power to themselves."

Mr Love's rap video is a cover of Tupac Shakur's 'Only God can judge me'.

The video shows him performing, against images of a map of an independent Sovereign State of Jammu-Kashmir, which could land Mr Love in prison, as images showing this as a separate nation are now against Indian law.

Mr Love said he hopes to win favour of the Tooting electorate for the Member of Parliament by-election on June 16, that is mostly formed by young people and houses one of the largest Pakistani, Indian and Arab communities in London.

The by-election is on June 16 with the result expected the same night.