The man who was killed in the Winstanley estate by a stab wound through the heart has been named locally as Mohammed Hassan.

Known to his friends as Bashir, Mr Hassan was originally from Egypt and had come to Britain aged 19 in search of a better life.

Wandsworth Times:

He was killed on August 3 in Battersea.

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August 7: Battersea murder update: Winstanley Estate victim died from stab wound to the heart

Police were called at approximately 6pm to Shepard House.

A murder investigation was launched but no arrests have been made.

Mr Hassan was a devout Muslim and regularly attended the mosque in Falcon Grove.

A close friend of his from the Falcon Road Islamic Culture and Education Centre said: "He kept himself to himself, he never mixed up in the things that happen on Winstanley.

"He had select few friends.

"He was very religious. He never really had girlfriends or stuff like that, he wanted to get married."

Wandsworth Times:

His friend said Mr Hassan had not been able to work in this country as his papers were not sorted in his time here, so he did odd jobs in the area to make a living.

Flowers and candles have been laid by the tree outside Shepard house where he was killed last Wednesday.

His friend said: "He told me he missed his mum a couple of weeks ago and that he might go home.

"I told him to stick it out and his papers would get sorted and he could support them.

"In his life this country didn't do anything for him and in his death they have done nothing for him."

He said Mr Hassan had never been involved in gangs but was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He said: "He came from a poor area and he left for a better life.

"He just came from one bad area to a different one.

"I'm rocked over it. People are used to this round here now."

One card left outside the flat where Mr Hasan lived reads "B, always in our hearts.

"Sleep well.

"True gentle soul you was. Will be missed dearly.

"Love to you forever."

The mosque Mr Hassan attended has raised money for a memorial in the coming weeks.

Family members, including his brother, are expected in the UK soon.

Mr Hassan did not have relatives in this country.