A socialite who stalked a married church warden after he rejected her sexual advances has been jailed for five years.

Farah Dan, also known as Farah Damji, 49, pursued her Wandsworth-based victim relentlessly, Kingston Crown Court heard, using false identities to harass him and his family, including contacting the victim’s wife and teenage son claiming to have incriminating evidence of his infidelity.

Dan, of Regency Street in central London, was found guilty of one count of stalking on July 7 and had previously pleaded guilty to two counts of stalking a second victim. She was sentenced to five years jail at Kingston Crown Court for three counts of stalking on Friday, August 19.

During the trial the court heard Dan set out to blacken the name of the engineering director and volunteer church warden after meeting him on an internet site in October 2013.

They met and the victim agreed to help Dan with her social housing firm. The court heard Dan then tried to initiate a physical relationship, but was told their relationship would remain professional.

However at a Christmas party in December that year Dan again tried to seduce her victim and was rejected, sparking the campaign of harassment.

She subjected him to 186 silent or hoax calls and texts to his mobile between December 19, 2013 and January 5, 2014.

Dan also contacted other people, including the media, using hoax names to claim there were issues at the company where the victim was working. She made silent calls and sent sexually explicit texts to the victim’s 16-year-old son and even attended his school to speak to the deputy head teacher about the ‘affairs’.

Dan emailed his wife under a false name, saying she had compromising pictures of her husband with a number of women and in a separate message said: “Look after your children.”

The court heard she then contacted the vicar of the parish in the Wandsworth-area, where he acted as church warden, making false allegations about affairs.

She contacted the press, asking them to write a story exposing the victim then emailed the victim stating the only way he could stop the story being published was to resign activities in the church, get counselling for his sexual addiction and abuse of women, and apologise.

At one point Dan claimed, via a false identity, that she was pregnant by the victim and set up a fake Facebook account with posts accusing the victim of being a sex pest, having numerous affairs and accusing the vicar of his church of covering it up.

Police attended Dan’s home on January 5, 2014 in an attempt to arrest her. She later handed herself in charged with stalking.

On January 10 she was granted bail by Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court and immediately resumed her campaign by emailing business associates, blogging allegations of domestic abuse, making a malicious report to police about the welfare of the victim’s children and continuing to press the church for action against the victim.

She contacted several high-profile figures in the police and MPs to voice her concerns.

She was arrested and further charged on March 28 with stalking.

Just days later police received a third allegation of harassment, this time from a man in his 50s, which led to Dan being arrested again for stalking and charged on April 12.

She was found guilty of stalking the first victim on Thursday, July 7 this year following the trial at Kingston Crown Court.

Investigating officer PC Vincent Chan, of Wandsworth borough, said: “This has been an extremely complex case of stalking with Dan using a number of aliases via multiple social media accounts and mobiles in a planned and coordinated effort to utterly destroy the home, social, religious and work life of one of her victims.

"The victim in his 40s lost his employment and his social and home life has been severely affected. Dan’s sentence is a reflection of how seriously the judicial system, and more importantly, society acknowledge such criminal behaviour.”