A band who split their time between south London and Hertfordshire has shot to international fame following their song featuring on the latest John Lewis Christmas ad that warms our hearts every Christmas.

Along with the amazing opportunity to have their cover of One Day I’ll Fly Away by Randy Crawford used there is speculation that electronica trio Vaults may even beat X Factor to become Christmas number one.

A relatively unknown band, the group found internet fame in 2013 when they uploaded their song Cry No More to Soundcloud which was played 100,000 in its first week.

Vaults, which has three members, lead singer Blythe Pepino, instrumentalist Barney Freeman and producer Ben Vella, was signed to Virgin EMI in 2014.

Producer Vella was diagnosed with testicular cancer but was given the all-clear.

Speaking to IBT, he said: "I had to take a few months off, but I'm all good now and mended up.

“It was a tough time — it was about four months I took off in the end.

“Blythe's boyfriend stepped in for me for a few gigs— we were right in the middle of supporting Paolo Nutini, so it wasn't very good timing."

The song in the advert, which features an assortment of cute wildlife bouncing on a little girl’s new trampoline and inspiring envy in the family dog, has received mixed responses.

Some Twitter users have backed up the focus on humour rather than tear-jerking.

Greg James said: “Disappointed that this year’s John Lewis advert is funny and didn’t make you cry? If it’s tears your after I suggest putting the news on.”

Many users have pointed out that the Simpsons not only predicted a Trump presidency but also the John Lewis advert.

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