Kodi has been in the news a lot recently due to the crackdown on the sale of pre-loaded TV set-top boxes containing premium content.

First of all, Kodi is not illegal. It is just a media player and carries no content.

However, it does have the ability to run third-party plugins that in many instances make infringing content available to the user.

Wandsworth Times:

Kodi boxes which allow you to watch premium content for free have been causing controversy over their legality - but there are lots of things you can watch entirely legally.

You can run Kodi through any computer, smartphone or tablet in order to stream files from the internet.

For around £30 you can also buy one of a wide range of digital set-top boxes. These can store your own content and access online media using different apps.

The software and the boxes are legal.

It is also legal to sell devices with Kodi pre-installed on them.

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The problem arises when Kodi is used to access content which is copyrighted and not legal to use - usually paid for content.  

People can either do this themselves, or they can buy boxes which are pre-loaded with third-party plugins and add-ons that allow users to stream pirated content to their TV.

However, there is plenty of content out there which is free to use and won't get you into trouble. 

Here are a few of the best available at the official Kodi Add-on repository.

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BBC iPlayer

The BBC iPlayer gives Kodi-users access to TV and radio broadcasts, just a few hours after they air on the BBC.

The add-on is free to download, but you will need a TV licence.

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Plex acts as a media server, compiling content from your computer at home – including video, music and images – into a user-friendly interface.

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You can stream music from an array of musicians around the world and podcasts for free, or pay £9.99 a month to listen without ads.

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No explanation necessary. Every Kodi user should have this loaded on their platform.

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If you have lots of media stored on your Microsoft cloud, then you'll want the OneDrive add-on installed on your Kodi system. It gives you access to music, images and videos stored in OneDrive for an unlimited number of accounts. Ideal if you've integrated your own music with Groove using OneDrive.

FilmOn TV

FilmOn TV offers both free and premium content.

On this add-on you'll find everything from UFC matches, movies and TV shows. You can also watch over 600 live TV channels and record using a virtual machine. FilmOn TV works in partnership with USTVNow - a bit like the US version of the BBC iPlayer.

You will need to set up an account to use this at FilmOn.com.

Wandsworth Times:

What add-ons should you NOT be using?

If an add-on lets you access films which are only available in the cinema then chances are it's a pirated copy and you may want to avoid it.

The same rules apply to television viewing as well.

An add-on that lets you watch Sky or Netflix Originals shows, without subscribing are most likely to be illegal.

If you're watching paid for content like movies, sports or pay-per-view events fof free, then you're probably watching illegally streaming content.