The sister of one of the victims of a hit-and-run in Wandsworth is appealing to the driver to hand themselves in.

Police officers are looking for the perpetrator who left two women injured, one seriously.

The driver ran over two female pedestrians, both 28, shortly before 1am Sunday, March 12 at the corner of Wandsworth High Street and Wandsworth Plain.

Sarah Bermingham, the woman who suffered life-threatening injuries when struck by the car, was until very recently in a critical condition in hospital.

The driver – in a dark-coloured car – sped off down Wandsworth Plain after crashing into them outside the Grand Union pub in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Sarah’s sister Aoife said she is very outgoing and active in sports with a "huge network of friends" in London and Ireland.

Aoife said: "Sarah is in a stable condition now and we are grateful she is alive and does not have a brain injury or is paralysed.

"The doctors and nurses at the hospital are wonderful, we can't thank them enough but they say it is a miracle she is alive.

"Every injury she has could have killed her and they rarely ever see people come out of ICU in her current stable condition with the list of multiple injuries she has. They say her fitness and excellent health saved her.”

The hit-and-run has been extremely stressful for the family; their parents were in Spain when they received the call at 1.36am.

Aoife said: "They had to rush from there to London as soon as they could.

"I was the last to know in the family because they were afraid to tell me. We have had our own family tragedy in recent months when my second baby was born stillborn last October. So it's been tough for us all recently."

Aoife said she "fell to the ground" in shock when she received the news and urges the driver to come forward.

Sarah's mum dorothy said her daughters injuries were "horrendous". 

She said: "She had bruising on her brain, scalp, head, face injuries, damage to her lungs, ribs, liver and spine and cuts and bruises all over her body. 

"Sarah, thankfully, is now out of ICU and in a trauma ward which we hope is the start of her recovery. We are aware that the road ahead is long but hopefully it won't be too bumpy."

Aoife appealed to the person responsible: "The driver made a huge mistake and they need to own up to the consequences of their actions.

"We would appeal to them to turn themselves in. If they are in any way a decent human being the guilt must be tearing themselves up inside."

Anyone with information has been asked to contact the police on 020 8543 5157 or via @MetCC on Twitter.