Foster carers working for Wandsworth Council are to receive a pay bump from this month on.

The council’s in-house foster carers will receive higher fees and allowances which equates to £196 a week for looking after a 0-10 year-olds and £255 a week for 11-17 year-olds.

Weekly fees will be £170 for 0-10 year-olds and £200 for 11 – 18 year-olds.

The council’s spokesman for children and young people Councillor Kathy Tracey said: "Fostering is a hugely rewarding career and each carer we recruit makes a real difference to the life of a young person who needs a home.

"We recognise that it can be demanding, especially for people looking after older children and siblings, and we want to properly reward our foster carers for their work by paying some of the most competitive rates in London."

According to the council the aim to "recruit and retain as many high quality foster carers as possible so that children can receive stable long-term care and are not sent to children’s homes or referred to expensive foster agencies".

Single foster carers, or at least one member of a couple, must be aged between 25 and 60 and be in good health and will receive ongoing training and support.

An open day will be held on May 26 at Wandsworth Town Hall.