A motorcyclist was reportedly stabbed in the head with a screw driver last night before his motorcycle was stolen by a gang of men.

The 21-year-old, who does not wish his name to be included, said he was with his friend and sitting on his motorcycle at Barringer Square near Tooting Common when a group of men approached surrounded them with knives, metal bars and belts.

His mother said: “One boy put a knife to my son’s throat while another stabbed him in the forehead with a screwdriver and took his bike.

“I’m in total shock that people can do things like this. It’s terrifying, this area is getting worse.”

The mum said her son is “very shook up and has a nasty black eye”.

This incident joins a recent spate of knife attacks in Wandsworth, while knife crime has risen by 24 per cent in London in the past year.

The man’s mother said police are currently searching for the stolen motorbike.

The Met Police have been contacted for comment.