Children at St George’s Hospital had their day brightened up by some unconventional doctors last week.

The Giggle Doctors, trained to bring smiles to children’s faces, paid a visit to the Pinckney Ward on Monday morning.

Dr Whoopee and Dr Bananas arrived for the first time- but not for the last- with the aim of getting a smile out of sick and disabled children using music, magic and storytelling.

Theodora’s Children’s Charity sends these performers to 33,000 children at 20 hospitals, three hospices and two specialist care centres every year.

Dr Whoopee, who started her career as a Giggle Doctor in 2010, said she “hasn’t looked back since”.

Following a background in drama, she “found clowning” in her mid-20s, so the job was perfect when it came up.

The Giggle Doctor said: “It’s wonderful to give the kids a normal moment in what is quite a strange experience, to have them laughing.”

“It can lift up an entire ward and gives parents and children permission to feel lighter.”

Dr Bananas, who found out about the Giggle Doctors in 2003 while on a magic course, said it was “amazing” to be able to give sick children some joy in hospital.

He said we all get very affected by children and “it feels amazing to see them smile or laugh or play.

“Parents tell us sometimes that they haven’t smiled in days or weeks.”

He described the staff at St George’s, who they will see again on their return later this summer to start their fortnightly visits, as “really nice and welcoming”.

On their visit, the two performers also visited three children in the oncology ward to brighten up their day.