Wandsworth residents still have time to voice their concerns about the noise impact of a helicopter pad in a survey.

Members of the London Heliport Consultative Group Wandsworth, Hammersmith & Fulham, and Kensington & Chelsea are working with acoustic experts from London’s South Bank University (LBSU) to understand the noise impact caused by operations at the heliport, which is situated next to the Thames in Battersea.

The survey’s aim is to influence policy makers to introduce new rules to curb the noise impacts caused by helicopter movements.

Wandsworth’s environment spokesman Councillor Jonathan Cook said: “The heliport is permitted to handle around 12,000 flights a year as a result of an historic planning agreement which cannot be overturned.

“Recently the number of movements has come close to the maximum permitted and we know some of the flights do cause noise disturbance for communities on both sides of the river.

“The three boroughs involved in this study are committed to exploring all possible avenues to limit noise nuisance and improve the quality of life of those living nearby who are affected by the sound of helicopters.

“This is this first time a heliport in the UK has been subject to such a detailed level of scrutiny.

“This initiative will reveal the scale and extent of the disturbance and provide objective, fact-based evidence that can help shape its future operations.”

The online survey runs until August 31. 

To request a paper copy please email gomezagl@lsbu.ac.uk.