Another 35 electric vehicle charging points have been installed at 11 new sites across Wandsworth.

Wandsworth Council aims to combine this with another 50 charging points at an additional 20 locations, such to public consultation, by the end of the year.

With each charging point comes its own parking space that can only be used by electric vehicles while being charged, and non-electric vehicle users are warned not to use them or they face being issued a ticket if they do.

The work, which has just been completed, aims to install charging equipment at 11 locations to encourage car owners to switch to e-motoring.

Councillor Jonathan Cook, environment spokesperson, said: “We are making it easier for our residents to switch to more environmentally friendly motoring. We are providing the infrastructure that’s needed to make owning an electric vehicle a viable option.

“Within a few months there will be more than 100 charging points across the borough and we are looking beyond this to extend the infrastructure even further.

“This is the future of motoring and we intend to play our part in making it happen.”

Here's where you can find the charging points (the number of points in brackets)

- Brudenell Road, Tooting (3)

- Haldane Place, Earsfield (5)

- Openview, Earlsfield, (3)

- Prince of Wales Drive, Battersea (3)

- Rectory Lane, Tooting (3)

- Bramfield Road, Battersea (2)

- Clonmore Street, Southfields (3)

- Coverton Road, Tooting (2)

- Grant Road, Battersea (5)

- Sistovia Road, Balham (3)

- St John’s Avenue, Putney (3)

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