A coroner has called for “urgent research” into grip levels on cycle superhighways after a motorcyclist crashed into a bollard and died in Battersea.

Russell Caller, assistant coroner for Inner West London, issued a report to Transport for London (TfL) following a pre-inquest review into Milan Dokic’s death.

Mr Dokic, 49, suffered fatal injuries on March 1 last year after losing control of his motorbike in the rain in Battersea Park Road, at the junction with Forfar Road.

He rode into the blue CS8 lane, a five-mile route from Ram Street near Wandsworth High Street to Millbank in Westminster, while trying to overtake a van.

In his report, Mr Caller said: “There is an inadequate system of determining grip levels of CSH8 and on other cycle superhighways and on other roads in London.

“There has been a failure to monitor grip values on cycle superhighways in London.

“Urgent research needs to be carried out on having a clear scientific way of determining grip values which can be applied to roadways in London.

“[And] urgent research should be carried out into the adverse effects of having adjacent areas of road with very different grip values and, subject to such research, remedial response is needed once that research has been carried out.”

The assistant coroner noted that CCTV footage “clearly shows” the motorcycle losing grip and sliding along the road, leading to Mr Dokic sustaining his injuries.

Mr Caller said there is evidence the blue cycle lane of the CSH8 at the point where he came off “offers a much lower grip than the conventional road surface”, with a skid resistance of 56.5 compared to a road surface of 77.05, and the CSH8 before the pedestrian crossing at an even higher resistance of 89.85.

He added: “The collision investigator was also concerned that Battersea Park Road, at the junction with Forfar Road, is an area in which turning manoeuvres are frequent and so it may be an area of particular danger to vulnerable road users prone to slip, such as motorcyclists and cyclists.”

The investigation concluded Mr Dokic’s death was accidental and contributed to by neglect.

Leon Daniels, TfL’s managing director of surface transport, said: “Our thoughts remain with the family and friends of Milan Dokic. We are now reviewing the coroner’s report and taking action to address all of the points raised.

“All sections of cycle superhighways 7 and 8 on main roads, which had signs of wear, have been resurfaced this year.

“We have also completed a full survey of all blue cycle superhighways and will repeat surveys at regular intervals on our roads."