Two hundred primary children have spent weeks creating a huge 14m-long mural in their school playground.

Every child at All Saints C of E Primary School, in Putney Common, worked with artist Jenny Leonard over two weeks in both wet and dry conditions to finish it.

It features the school’s ‘values tree’, with words such as ‘friendship’, kindness’, ‘faith’ and ‘trust’, animals, Putney Bridge and All Saints Church.

In addition to a rainbow in the background there is even a place for the school’s tortoise Hector.

Pupils still contributed up to 15 minutes to the piece in rain and wind during the first week before having an easier time in warmer weather.

Those who helped, from reception to Year 6, seem to be pleased with the new artwork.

Aled, seven, said: “I like it because people will look at it and say, ‘Wow I painted that’.”

Cecily, seven, said: “I like it because it’s got all the school values on it and the animals from our class.”

William, also seven, added: “I think it’s good for the school because it gives some colour to the playground.”

The project started on October 17 after Ms Leonard was commissioned by the school to paint a mural in the area of its playground known as the ‘Quiet Area’.

An assembly was held and pupils were asked to help design it, incorporating the All Saints’ values and new motto.

Ms Leonard said: “I have really enjoyed having a huge wall of work to work on and covering so much space with vibrant colours.

“The school was really welcoming to me and it’s great for the kids to see their school values and I hope it lasts for a long time.”

There is always said to be a little piece of the artists in her works and it was the pupils’ idea to paint her driving the number 22 bus, which terminates just outside the school.

Claire Wood, All Saints’ headteacher, said: “We wanted something that reflected all the special aspects of All Saints’ school. These included its location on the edge of Putney Common, with all the animals that can be found in the area – All Saints’ Church, its proximity to the river and Putney Bridge, the school prayer and even the number 22 bus, which has its terminus just outside the school.

“It shows that music is a great love and strength of the school and also features the much-loved school tortoise, Hector.

“Most importantly, the mural is centred on our school motto, ‘Rooted in Faith, Growing through Learning’. The focal point is our values tree, with the roots displaying our key gospel values such as forgiveness, respect, kindness and the leaves describing those qualities we teach, encourage and nurture, and indeed see day in and day out, in our pupils, such as curiosity, resilience, determination, love of learning, empathy and compassion.

“We are absolutely thrilled with our new mural, which lights up our Quiet Area and captures beautifully the essence of our school and its community.”

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