Residents have voiced their opposition to proposals for new ‘ultrafast Wi-Fi’ kiosks to Wandsworth.

Planning applications have been submitted to Wandsworth Council by the telecommunications company BT to build new ‘Links’ kiosks in Northcote Road, aiming to provide free public Wi-Fi, phone calls and mobile charging.

However, several people have called for them to be rejected with some citing them as an ‘eyesore’.

Caroline Davenport, of Thurleigh Road, said: “This would be an ugly eyesore, a distraction for drivers, affect the area in a negative way. Residents have not asked for this.

“There has been no consultation on this, it is not needed, and I think local residents would prefer to keep the unique charm of Northcote Road without these ugly additions.”

Jenny Sheridan, Chatham Road, also said: “This proposal would add to the visual clutter along Northcote Road and pose a distraction to drivers and cyclists.

“It is intrusive, an eyesore and totally unnecessary.”

A total of 14 objections have been lodged against one proposal in Northcote Road since November 1, with plans to install ones in Balham High Road and other areas in the borough.

Should the planning application be successful, BT is aiming to rollout kiosks throughout the borough.

A BT spokeswoman said: “BT together with its partners InLinkUK, are working closely with Wandsworth Council to bring its new InLink units to local residents.

“The roll-out of InLinks across the borough is dependent on planning approval and we always build pedestrian movement and safety into our local surveys when deciding which locations should benefit.

“Our roll-out in the area involves replacing two existing payphones with one InLink. This reduces the amount of clutter on the street, while the sleek design of each InLink, which takes up less space than the existing payphones being removed, further frees up the pavement.

“Should our planning application be successful, we are confident that local residents will regard InLinks and the benefits they bring as a welcome addition to Wandsworth’s streets.”

A council spokesman said: “The applicant is seeking approval to install this new equipment at two locations in Northcote Road and at the same time remove a number of redundant phone kiosks.

“This is still under consideration."

To view the application, click here.