More than 100 rough-sleeping Southfields schoolchildren have raised more than £3,000 to help homeless people.

Students at Saint Cecilia’s Church of England School, in Sutherland Grove, stayed out in the school's playground for four hours in freezing temperatures in support of the charity Crisis.

Funds raised from the ‘Crisis at Christmas’ initiative will now help at roughly 150 homeless people, providing them with access to showers, clean clothes, a dentist appointment, medical check-ups, a haircut and a Christmas dinner.

Jamie Parker-Gomez, a Year 7 pupil, said: “Last night gave me only a slight insight into what it’s like to be homeless. I realised how tired, cold and hungry they would be.

"I am so glad we did something to help them over the Christmas period.”

It comes after reading a book on homelessness in English class, which narrating the story of a homeless teenager in London.

Headteacher Niall Gallagher said: "I am really proud of the whole school community and their efforts to help those who face the prospect of spending cold nights on the streets during the Christmas period.

"Crisis is a fantastic charity – the money raised will help them continue their efforts to end homelessness.”

So far, more than £3,790 has been raised as the school took part in the initiative on November 30.

You can visit the JustGiving page here: