Curious to know where some of Wandsworth’s best pubs are? Looking for somewhere different other than your regular? Given that 2017 is soon coming to a close, we thought of drawing up a list that should have you covered.

These are the top ten pubs in the borough, from first to last, according to Yelp reviews.

We have only included pubs with 10 reviews or more and sorted it by best rated, though we have included some honourable mentions for those who narrowly missed out.

Honourable mentions:

1. The Hope, Bellevue Road, Wandsworth Common

2. Geronimo Inns, Alma Road, Wandsworth

3. The Jolly Gardeners, Garratt Lane, near Wandsworth Common station

Without further ado, this is the top 10 - according to reviews.

1. The Draft House Westbridge, Battersea

Located in Battersea Bridge Road, this British pub has a new ‘Barrel Bar’ on one of its upper floors, HD screens for sports events, films or presentations, and a ‘Hop Back Lounge’ which is used for disco dancing and parties for up to 80 people.

It is one of the Draft House’s two establishments in Wandsworth, the other being in Northcote Road, and 12 in London.

Reviewer Mark W said: “This is a cool place. Nice relaxed décor and surrounding, music not to load [sic], friendly, helpful staff who look like they actually want you to come back, and I had the burger to die for.

“This is one of the few places I’ve reviewed where I am panning to go back within a week. It’s that good.”

Leighton S visited on a Sunday in November last year and ate at the pub, adding: “Overall a good spot, and if I lived nearby I would come here with some frequency.

“But a destination bar it is not.”

2. The Ship, Jews Row, Wandsworth

This is one of only two British pubs on the list Yelp says, also not too far from The Draft House Westbridge.

The Ship, in Jews Row, has been around in south west London for more than 231 years since 1786, according to its website, which means it is one of the oldest pubs on the River Thames.

Reviewer Lisa C said: “This place came highly recommended by a lot of friends, so I was really excited when the opportunity finally presented itself to go for a friend’s birthday drinks.

“I completely understand why friends love this place, and if it was any closer to home, I would be there all the time.

“But with such an amazing atmosphere, I will certainly have to plan a return trip soon.”

Ada C added: “This is a down-to-Earth, spacious pub located on the Thames. I’d love to come check it out in the summer.

“I would not come here for the food. But drinks-wise, it was fine.”

3. The Cat’s Back, Point Pleasant, Wandsworth

This Victorian pub is situated in Point Pleasant, the new Riverside quarter, in between Wandsworth and Putney.

It hosts music, film, art and even has an open fire as well as an open patio.

Reviewer Peter H sad: “A little gem slightly off the beaten track. It serves traditional English bar food – Scotch eggs, sausage rolls and pies – but done to the best standard.

“They also do themed and cinema nights, and the best bit is they have a selection of old school sweet shop treats for dessert!”

Kristi O added: “This is definitely a local pub – a plus, but the main room is on the small side.

“Servers and cook were friendly. Would recommend trying this place out for yourself!”

4. Prince of Wales, Clapham

Its neon-lit sign is certainly attention-grabbing: POW POW POW. It’s one of two pubs on the list from Clapham.

But it appears to have worked for Prince of Wales, located in The Old Town.

Reviewer Laura Kate S said: “The outside of the Prince of Wales has ‘POW POW POW’ emblazoned in neon.

“I could have gone for more than crisps and such, but I still had a great night out here.

“As one of our friends works just up the street, I think Fridays might happen here more in the future.”

Qype User added: “With this place, it’s either you love the interior or hate it.

“Well I really like the whole weird, miniatures everywhere concept and the fact that even though my attention is occupied by all the signs and models and everything, I still find this pub very relaxing.

“Make sure you don’t miss out on this place.”

5. The Bricklayer’s Arms, Putney

On its website, it says it is ‘London’s Permanent Beer Festival’.

Aside from being one of Putney’s oldest pub, it’s also the area’s only one on this list.

Reviewer Phil S said: “Friendly staff and great beers – when they do have them on tap – but when the beer fests are in town, The Bricklayer’s [Arms] do stock up!”

Annabelle K added: “A hidden gem! This pub has a great ambiance and décor.

“The drinks are well-priced and delicious. The pub food and snacks are also very delicious. The staff are friendly and make you feel right at home. Love this place!”

6. Balham Bowls Club, Balham

This spot is in Balham High Road and looks to retain the original décor, sporting memorabilia and ‘quirky’ trinkets.

It’s known to the locals as BBC and hosts a variety of nights and activities.

Reviewer Alan S said: “A pretty big pub in the heart of Balham, with lots of side rooms, nooks, crannies, oh and a beer garden.

“But the main event is the entire upstairs: an ex-ballroom full of tables and chairs and home to the best pub quiz in London, on a Tuesday night.”

Ali V added: “This place is so big, and they don’t seem to mind if you take a dining room table, even if you’re only having drinks. Or at least nobody stopped us.

“The service was prompt for how busy it was on a Friday evening, friendly, and I’d say reasonably priced.”

7. The Abbeville Pub, Clapham

The second Clapham pub on the list, The Abbeville sits in Clapham Park’s Abbeville Road, not too far from Clapham Common.

One of the top 20 gastropubs in London according to The Times, it describes itself as ‘rustic yet refined’ and a ‘proper neighbourhood pub’.

Reviewer Chloe W said: “The Abeville [sic] is the best pub I may ever have been to.

“It has the perfect mix between gastro pub and lovely country old mans [sic] pub.

“I’ve only eaten a few times at the pub but can say extremely confidently that they have a great chef back there.”

David P added: “Not your typical local pub. It looks from the front as a normal local pub, but it’s more a gastro pub.

“This is the perfect place for a quiet drink and bit of food, I didn’t try the food but the food I saw seemed very gastro-esq and lots of it.”

8. The Gorringe Park, Tooting

Much like Putney’s The Bricklayer’s Arms, The Gorringe Park is Tooting’s sole representative here.

While Yelp believes it to be also in Colliers Wood territory, it’s perhaps safest to say it’s in Tooting given its closeness to the station.

Though it does claim to be Tooting’s ‘best-kept secret’.

Reviewer Michelle M said: “My absolute favourite pub in London. It became my number one study spot as well as where I want to relax and celebrate.”

Leza S added: “I attended this pub for a film screening and spy game event. I didn’t spend any time in the main pub area, but the cinema in the basement was a surprise.

“If they hold any more decent film events, I’ll be down in a flash. A good excuse to check out the rest of the pub.”

9. The Alma, Wandsworth Town

Located just opposite the train station, this pub was named after The Battle of The Alma in the Crimean War 163 years ago in 1854.

It says it is famous for its ‘bright green tiled exterior, its exceptional rugby atmosphere and of course the delicious food we serve’.

Reviewer Melanie C said: “The pub looks a bit shabby from the outside, then you get inside and it’s a completely different ball game.

“Open spaces, big windows keeping the natural light in and a really nice restaurant if you want to eat.”

John C added: “Great location to the train station. Good for meeting locals and the food was quality pub grub.

10. The Bedford, Balham

In addition to being a comedy, music and theatre venue as well as a pub, it’s also the second pub on the list.

Situated in Bedford Hill, it appears to be well-known for its upper floors’ rooms which host arts performances for customers as well.

Reviewer Charlotte W said: “Been here a number of times! The live bands that perform here are great – it’s a small, vibrant atmosphere.

“The place is never really quiet and there are always people here during large sports events.”

Jing Shyang Y added: “The pub is deceptively small, as part of being reserved for live entertainment, including comedy and music.

“In all a nice place to relax and close to the nearby railway or underground [Balham] station.”