The council is refurbishing the Stockwell Skatepark at a cost of £192,807, but the site’s guardians say the funding is too low,  and is not with a trusted contractor.

Friends of the Stockwell Skatepark, who are guardians of the site, have campaigned for repairs as over a third of the skatepark has defects, according to the document.

The group raised their concerns with the refurbishment in a letter, saying the agreed budget was less than half of their estimates, with no evidence the contractors Canvas Spaces Ltd could carry out the work to a high standard.

“Friends of the Stockwell Skatepark strongly believe it is not advisable to carry out the required work with this lower budget. The claim that this lower budget will produce a surface that will last a further 25 years, with no need for additional budgeting seems completely unrealistic and misleading,” the letter, published by the Brixton Buzz, read.

But the council rated the contractor as “excellent” and were confident they could deliver the requirements, according to a council report.

The group criticised the council’s earlier repair work to the skate park, which saw surface cracks develop. They said it was the fourth time the council had made repairs to the park.

“At no point have the council successfully repaired this skatepark but have failed to carry out effective work three times out of three attempts. This being the fourth attempt,” the group said in its letter.

The council was gifted £100,000 towards the refurbishment from developers of a nearby apartment block, with the rest of the funding coming from section 106 funding  – general funding for services and infrastructure.

Council documents state: “The project is fully financed through capital receipts. The Council has received a scheme-specific gift from Network Housing Group and S106 funds from various covenants.

“This budget contains sufficient funding for the whole capital payment

to Canvas Spaces Ltd to be made upon receipt of invoices for completed works.”

Lambeth Council own the skate park which last saw substantial repairs in 2008.

The refurbishment should take 15 weeks.