Brockwell Park will host Field Day and the Mighty Hoopla festivals despite public fears of revellers urinating in nearby areas and increased anti-social behaviour and crime.

Lambeth Council’s Licensing Sub-Committee (LSC) members took five days to reach their verdict, after the committee ran out of time to reach a decision at a licensing meeting.

The committee addressed concerns around the festivals, which will run from June 1 to 3,  and their impact on the park, noise levels and the potential for anti-social behaviour and criminality, in a report.

The festivals are run by Waxarch Ltd.

“The licensing sub committee often hears concerns, and rightly so, of people leaving licensed premises and using residents’ front gardens and the public highway as a toilet,” the report read.

“This is an effect of alcohol consumption. There is of course an element of personal responsibility; the LSC does not consider it reasonable to refuse to grant a licence to an event simply because of the bad behaviour of a relatively small minority of people.”

Toilets and security outside the site and along the route would mitigate public urination, according to the report.

Addressing concerns around criminal behaviour, the report outlined that the festival had no impact on crime and disorder at its former location, Victoria Park.

“In terms of criminal behaviour, such as assaults, thefts, vandalism, etc… the event has been running at Victoria Park for some years. If the event had such an impact on crime and disorder the LSC would expect the police to

make a representation on that basis,” the report explained.

“The applicant will have conditions requiring drugs amnesty bins and

confirmed that people will be searched upon entry. Steward and SIA-accredited security staff on the key routes will also play a part in mitigating any impact.”

Noise level concerns were not sufficient to stop the granting of the license.

A damage deposit would be used to rectify damage to the park.

People have until the April 24 to appeal the decision.