A consultation into a proposed development to create a rooftop pergola on Putney Exchange shopping centre has been extended.

It was initially meant to close on April 12, but due to the volume of objections it has been extended until May 9.

The application, proposed by Incipio and Blackrock, would see part of the shopping centre’s rooftop car park be converted into a pergola.

The pergola would host four pop up restaurants and bars with music and would operate seven days a week, 12 hours a day from noon until midnight.

It would have seating capacity for 422 people and standing space for further 100 people, with a clicker system to make sure the maximum number of people on site isn’t exceed at one time.

However some local residents are concerned about the proposal and the problems it could cause for the neighbourhood including noise levels and increased anti-social behaviour.

Anna Ramsay De Koning, of Mascotte Road, said: “I believe this change of use of the rooftop is at odds with the family nature of the area and would be detrimental to the quality of life of local residents.”

Justine Greening MP for Putney said: “A number of local residents have contacted me who are very concerned about these proposals and the impact on homes nearby. I share those concerns. It’s hard to see how the opening hours and position of the venue, effectively overlooking back gardens, will be anything other than very disruptive and noisy.

“I have voiced my concerns to the planning department and I would urge local residents who haven’t yet done so to express their views on the Council’s website before the May 9 deadline.”

Some local residents do support the proposal, believing it could be good for employment and income in the area.

One supporter said “I think this sounds like a wonderfully innovative and progressive development which will bring choice, opportunity, jobs and income to the area. It’s wonderful that Wandsworth council are thinking outside the box”.

In their operational statement, Incipio said Pergola Putney wishes to maintain excellent relations with their neighbourhood with a member of management staff on site during trading hours to assist with any queries or complaints that residents and members of the public have.

Security will ask all visitors leaving the venue to not congregate as well as making sure they leave quietly.

Regarding noise issues, Incipio said that music will be played out of a sound system that will be designed to minimize noise breakouts by directing sound inwards rather than outwards. And that sound levels will be monitored by an automatic system to make sure they are below the agreed level at all times and security staff will conduct sound checks every 30 minutes at locations throughout the site in the evening.

Incipio and Blackrock have been contacted for comment.

To read the planning document, click here.