Children from a Wandsworth primary school have created a film about the Winstanley and York Road housing estate, Battersea.

Pupils from Falconbrook Primary School have worked with charity digital: works to undercover the history of Winstanley and York Road housing estate, creating a 42 minute documentary about the past, present and future of the area.

Year six children from the primary school worked with Emma Anthony, an archivist from Wandsworth Heritage Service and a local historian to explore history of the area, including why it was built and what was there before.

The history was been explored from the perspective of the people connected to the area, from families who have lived in Battersea for generations to those who have moved in recently.

After these workshops and activities, 44 children learned about oral history techniques and film recording.

They developed interview questions, interviewing 16 current and former residents of the estate.

The children questioned residents who lived at the estate through World War Two, who provided an insight to life during London air raids as well as those who currently live at the estate, which is undergoing a massive regeneration.

Matthew Rosenberg, from digital works, said: “It’s a nice inter-generational project and the combination of history and film makes the project engaging for children.”

The film’s premiere is at The Council Chamber, Battersea Arts Centre on Wednesday, April 25, starting at 12:45pm.

It is free to attend, and if you wish to attend, email

The film will be available online after the launch on the project website: