A primary school in Wandsworth has decided to remain an independent trust.

Floreat Primary School, Garratt Lane, explored a potential merger with the Avanti Schools Trust during the autumn and spring terms.

With Avanti comprising a group of Hindu faith schools, and Floreat operating three secular primary schools, the merger would have created a mixed faith multi academy trust.

However, the board at the school decided that Floreat will continue as an independent trust for the foreseeable future.

The official statement issued by the Floreat Board of Trustees said: "Floreat Education Academies Trust and Avanti Schools Trust have decided by mutual agreement that it is not in the best interests of our schools to merge. This decision follows full discussion and due diligence."

The primary school in Wandsworth, which opened in September 2015, is yet to be inspected by Ofsted after passing its pre-opening Ofsted inspection.

When the school opened it had an empty library, limited sporting equipment, no art or music supplies and empty walls. The purpose built school currently has 211 children and is growing by 60 each year.

The Floreat Education Academies Trust was set up by Lord James O’ Shaughnessy, a conservative peer.

The trust consists free schools, which allows parents, teachers, charities or other organisations to respond to a need for a new school in their community whether for extra places, to raise standards or offer choice.

Speaking in December 2017 during the consultation period, founder Lord O’ Shaughnessy said that “Floreat’s schools were going really well” and that the merger was happening from a “position of strength”.

However, he said that as a small trust, it was difficult to balance finance due to the small amount of money it can take from its schools.

The primary school will continue to operate as it does currently.