A café in Earlsfield is giving a free cupcake to customers who vote in today’s local elections.

Anyone who produces their polling card at La Chai, 207 Garratt Lane can claim one free cupcake with their coffee.

Customers can get a fiery ‘Jezzer’ red or delicate ‘Tezzer’ blue cake and supporters of other parties can choose from the range of Karachi cookies at the café which opened in April.

Owner Reema Siddiqui said: “We all believe it is so important to vote - otherwise you don't have a say on local issues which are vital to all of us. Hopefully people will stop by on their way to the polling booths and say hello.”

Reema is hoping some of the local candidates will pop into the café to give their views on the issues affecting the local area. She said: “Their plans are always of interest. You never know, they might even be able to talk a few customers around to their way of thinking too.”