An "obsolete" Battersea pub will be demolished into 82 homes.

The Battersea Bar, in York Road is currently closed and after planning approval was granted by Wandsworth Council last week, the site will be turned into a part 5, 9, 11, 13 and 14 storey building.

In a document attached to the application, the developers said the current site was failing to reach its full potential.

"The site is currently occupied by an obsolete public house," it said.

"It is dilapidated and underutilised. The current buildings are of low quality, with low quality landscaping and a lack of street trees.

"The site creates a very poor pedestrian environment and is suitable for substantial redevelopment."

This isn't the first time that the 1970s pub came under threat of demolition.

Since 2013, three separate applications were submitted for the site, each with the hope of turning the building into flats.

This time around 16 objections were made by the public, with the height of the building the main argument against development.

But in another document in the application , the developers said there would be not adverse impact tot he community.

"The development will bring forward a building of architectural merit set within an attractive new public realm setting," it said.

"This together with active uses will create a new important local place for the new residents, businesses and the existing community.

"The site is not identified for a tall building of this scale, however the strategic location of the site, the presence of existing and emerging tall buildings in the vicinity and the Tall Buildings Report demonstrates that a tall building can be accommodation in this location without any harm and will contribute to the regeneration of the area."

In total, 29 of the 82 homes (35 per cent) will be deemed affordable, which was an increase on previous proposals, a factor that played a large part in council granting approval.