For 20 years, the people of Wandsworth came together for the annual Northcote Road summer fete.

That was until last year's gathering was cancelled due to security concerns and lack of sponsorship.

But then an idea came about to bring back the fete through crowdfunding.

Initially the target was set for £20,000 to get the event back up and running again.

That was then reduced to £10,000 after additional support from Wandsworth Council.

This still looked like a tough ask as April neared its end, but following an extraordinary board meeting, the target was reduced by a further £7000, which meant that the target was achieved this week.

"At the meeting the board decided to underwrite the fete for this year (only) in order to secure the event," chairman of the Northcote Road Business Network,

"By doing so however, this will reduce our reserves to zero so there is nothing left 'in the kitty' for future events such as the Christmas lights or next year's fete."

"It is therefore imperative that the shortfall is made up over the coming weeks, so that future events are protected."

The community event is now timed to match the Men's single finals at Wimbledon and attracts over 10,000 visitors every summer.

In the past the whole road has been closed off to traffic, with the final of the tennis tournament played on a giant screen.

Pop-up markets a live entertainment stage and three fairground rides have also been a staple of the event.