A street in Putney has commemorated former residents who fought and died during World War One.

Festing Road, which has 70 terrace houses, is thought to be the first street to celebrate war heroes by installing an engraved paving stone.

The four soldiers who lived on the street and feature on the stone are Albert Biscoe who was a bus conductor, John Copping, a sergeant who died in February 1919, Arthur Down, a house painter who died in action in July 1917 and John Gobbey, a lance corporal who died of wounds in 1915.

Two of the fallen are buried in Pas de Calais, a British cemetery in France and one is buried in Hampshire, England.

Last year, a book co-published by Wandsworth Historical Society and The Putney Society, identified details of the 343 Putney men who died in the Great War.

‘Putney Remembers The Men of The First World War: St Mary’s Roll of Honour, written by Maggie Jones, Sue Rolfe, Michael Bull and Dorian Gerhold, provides a glimpse into the world of the over 350 men from Putney who served in World War I and are remembered on the Roll of Honour in St Mary's Church.

Street resident Hugh Thompson said: “Everyone has a grandfather or great grandfather who fought in that awful war, I had great uncles as well. Remembering the Festing Four with an engraved paving stone is our way of commemorating and honouring their sacrifice.

“This being one hundred years since the end of the war to end wars, it’s a good time. This is a street that does things together, this is the third stone we have put down.”

Speaking about the fallen soldiers, Hugh Thompson added: “We can only shake our heads and honour them.”

The street chose ‘They stood at the end of the world’ as the inscription as it’s a combination of two lines from war poet Wilfred Owen’s “Spring Offensive”, summing up what the soldiers must of felt.

Residents on the street have raised £700 for the plaque, with more than 30 houses contributing to the fundraising campaign.

The stone will be officially unveiled by local councillor Mike Ryder at the Festing Road’s street party on Saturday, June 30.