St George’s University are inviting Wandsworth residents to a free talk on ‘the fight against superbugs in sexual health’.

The talk will take a closer look at the challenges of drug- resistance in this field and explain how the development of personalised medicine technologies is helping researchers battle against antibiotic-resistant infections.

The misuse of antibiotics has caused an increase in infections that aren’t able to be treated, particularly in the sexual health field and there has been recent fears that there could be a post-antibiotic health crisis due to superbugs and their ability to resist treatment.

The evening will feature talks from experts such as St George's Dr Tariq Sadiq, along with interactive demonstrations of the latest technologies.

The talk starts at 6pm and will run till 7:30pm on Thursday, June 7 in rooms H2.6/8 at the Hunter Wing, St George’s University in Tooting.

To attend the evening, register at