A veteran architect who helped design a Battersea estate is to receive an honorary plaque.

Nicholas Wood, 80, was one of the architects who masterminded the design for the Althorpe Grove Estate in the late 1970s.

He will be attending the unveiling on Saturday, June 9, at Westbridge Garden, Sunbury Lane, visiting the estate garden open for the first time as part of the Open Squares and Gardens weekend.

An 18 inch bas-relief plaque, which shows Nicholas in the 1980s, has been designed by Battersea resident and sculptor Christine Fremantle.

Residents Association chairman Tim Morris said: “Nicholas paid us a nostalgic visit last year, and we came up with the idea of commemorating him in the same way.”

As part of the Althorpe Grove Estate design, the architect created brightly painted concrete plaques showing famous and not so famous people with faces of celebrities like Vanessa Redgrave, Sarah Bernhardt and Lord Nelson on walls around the estate.

The design also features local history, with Lord of the Manor Lord Bolingbroke looking over St Mary’s Church, and William Blake’s ‘Face of God’ on another wall, recalling the poet’s marriage there.

Family friends appear on the wall, along the woman who designed the estate’s garden who’s portrayed as a water nymph on a wall by one of the garden’s ponds.

A special guest at the ceremony will be Tommy Boyd, a former presenter on children’s TV show Magpie from 1977 to 1980, which featured the estate project. The presenter’s face still exists on one of the walls on Sunbury Lane.

Nicholas’ celebratory plaque will face Westbridge Road and will be unveiled at 12pm during the ceremony.