Pupils from an Wandsworth independent school have been inspired to set up a recycling project.

Wandsworth Prep School’s school council were determined to become more eco-friendly so they decided to write a letter to the local council asking how to maximise recycling at school.

Wandsworth council recommended an agency called Western Riverside Waste Authority, who subsequently visited the school to run a ‘Bin Detectives’ workshop.

The workshop helped pupils to audit their rubbish and the school now has more recycling bins and 'Green Ambassadors' in place.

Miss Sophie Eve, year three teacher who runs the school council said: “I have been so impressed with the children's independence and leadership throughout this recycling project, as well as how dedicated they are to making our school more eco-friendly. School council members have all played an important part in inspiring pupils, teachers and parents at Wandsworth Prep and hopefully this in turn will allow them to inspire the wider community as well.”

After the workshop in April, the school is working towards achieving a ‘Bronze Green Award’ which is the first step towards receiving an ‘Eco-School Green Flag’ for excellence in environmental action and learning.