People who have experienced a bereavement of a loved one are being invited to sign up to 12 free individual psychotherapy sessions.

The sessions at the University of Roehampton are to help people over 18 who are experiencing distressing feelings of presence with their deceased loved one, including hearing voices, seeing visions or sensing physical presence of this person.

During individual meetings with a qualified therapist, participants will be supported through this distressing and challenging time through fifty minute sessions across 12 weeks.

The ‘Developing Humanistic Psychotherapy for Unwelcome Experiences of Presence’ investigation, which is being led by Dr Jacqueline Hayes, is based at the Centre for Research in Social and Psychological Transformation Therapy Clinic at the University of Roehampton Whiteland’s campus.

The initiative is part of an innovative therapy research programme, based on the humanistic psychotherapy model of forming a therapist- client relationship.

There is space for twelve to twenty participants, with each session to be video recorded and anonymised.

Psychotherapy will be provided within a research context by a clinician, participants will be asked to complete questionnaires during the process and meet with an interviewer at particular times.

For people interested in the scheme, an initial meeting can be arranged to find out if the therapy would suit their needs.

Anyone wanting in taking part in the pilot group should contact the CREST Clinic directly by email at or call 0739 1557 349.