Are you looking for a new addition to your family? Look no further, here is a selection of Battersea’s dogs and cats needing a home.

Mitzy is nine-year old Jack Russell who is looking for owners with experience of busy terriers. She needs to be kept mentally stimulated which can done using toys and games or exercise. The older lady can be worried around dogs and would prefer to be the only pet in her new home that preferably has a private garden.

Billy-Jean is a two-year-old Greyhound, who is an ex racing dog looking for a home away from the city. She will need owners who are willing to be patient with her sensitive side and needs to live in a house or ground floor flat as she can’t abide stairs or lifts.

Pixie is a 16-year-old domestic medium hair cat, who wants a home where she can enjoy some well-earned peace and quiet, as well as lots of affection. Though she can be shy at first, once she knows you she is always keen to say hello, and does so with a high-pitched squeak.

Truffle is a six-year-old domestic short-hair cat who needs owners who will understand the sensitive side of his nature and give him the space he requires to build confide. Once he’s comfortable he will reward his owners with affection. He will need access to a private garden in his new home.

Barney is a seven-year-old Mongrel who is brimming with love to give. He is so happy around people and food that he forgets what manners are, so will need his new family to teach him the proper etiquette. An active family is Barney’s idea of heaven as he is always on the go.

Hobbit is four-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is finding kennel life quite tough at the moment. He is an adorable boy who will be an amazing addition to the family who can give him the love he needs. Food helps to motivate Hobbit so training with him will be fun and pleasure.

Sammy is a nine-year-old domestic short-hair cat who has settled in well into life at Battersea. His favourite things are; laps, playtime, and food! Sammy also likes to people-watch from his pen and is very confident boy who enjoys attention and will purr away whilst sitting on your lap kneading you.

Marcus is a five year old is a domestic short-hair cat who is sturdy but has a sensitive side. He can be unsure of new people but quickly warms up to visitors and enjoys head and cheek rubs. Once he's settled into a calm environment that has a garden, he'll be a loving companion to snuggle up to.

The reference numbers for the animals are:

Mitzy: 362823, Billy-Jean: 363913, Pixie: 363637, Truffle: 363749, Barney: 363596, Hobbit: 363852, Sammy: 363848, Marcus: 363696.

To meet any of the animals, please contact Battersea’s London centre on 0843 509 4444.