It was celebrations all around as NHS staff from Wandsworth got together for a very special birthday.

The group from the Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group were invited to Westminster Abbey yesterday to mar the 70th birthday of the NHS.

Nick Beavon has worked as a pharmacist in the NHS for 32 years and was awarded a life-long Fellowship to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in 2016.

He said it was a joy to be able to take in the festivities alongside his so many of his colleagues.

“I am delighted to be attending the Westminster Abbey service to celebrate 70 years of the NHS and proud to be representing Wandsworth CCG," he said.

"Having worked in the NHS for the last 32 years it has been privilege to have been working with so many dedicated and talented people who work in the NHS.

"Contributing to the care of patients in whatever way we can and improve the lives and health of the population is a very rewarding job."