A Wimbledon woman will be forced to lose two of her teeth after her dentists failed to treat her tooth decay.

Between 2010 and 2016, Danielle Carroll, a 66-year-old accountant regularly visited what was then known as the Wandsworth Dental Centre in the High Street for check-ups.

“I had been a patient at the practice for years and they had carried out root canal treatment on one of my teeth and everything was fine,” Mrs Carroll said.

“Both dentists who I saw seemed caring and professional so I had no reason to think otherwise at the beginning.”

However, problems with Mrs Carroll’s dental health came to light in 2015 when she began to experience pain and discomfort in her tooth. She made an appointment to find out what was wrong.

“The pain was just horrendous,” Mrs Carroll recalled.

“I could feel it all around my mouth and the side of my face. I’d never experienced toothache like it..”

Over the next 15 months, Mrs Carroll attended several appointments complaining of excruciating pain in her tooth. She also underwent fillings across several other teeth.

“I couldn’t understand what was happening,” she said.

“I had fillings across other teeth but the dentist was not doing anything about the one tooth that was causing me the most grief.

"He kept saying that there was no sign of infection but still prescribed antibiotics and told me to just take painkillers. This has been going on for over a year. It couldn’t just be a toothache.”

A further root canal procedure was required to fix the problem, but this did not ease her pain.

She went to a different dentists where the procedure had to be re-done.

It then came to a point where Mrs Carroll contacted the Dental Law Partnership.

Analysis of her dental records revealed that both the dentists who she had seen had failed to identify and treat decay and they had both performed poor fillings and root canal treatment, which has resulted in her requiring extensive corrective treatment.

She will also lose two of her teeth in future, which will then require implants and she will need further root canal treatment on two other teeth.

In the end she won £19,000 in compensation from the dentists, but the pain of the experience still lingers.

“I was almost led to believe that I was imagining the pain but it turns out my dentist just couldn’t do their job properly," she said.

"On top of that, I had to take out a loan from the bank and borrow money from my family to pay for all of my treatment.”

Wandsworth Dental Centre did not respond to numberous attempts for comment.