A Lambeth community group is gearing up for a legal challenge to Lambeth Council for its policy on park events.

This follows a long dispute between local councillors, festival promoters and residents over two-day, outdoor music festival Field Day’s relocation to Brockwell Park from Victoria Park in east London in June.

The move prompted resistance from residents group Brockwell Tranquillity, whose concerns included the loss of green space for locals, overcrowding and ecological damage to the park.

In an open letter, the group outlined its reasoning behind the challenge.

“If implemented this would turn Brockwell into a more or less full-time commercial venue throughout the summer,” the letter explained.

“Many locals believe that not only would this cause excessive damage to the park and local economy, but using public parks as private revenue generation centres in this way is unlawful.”

Lambeth Council’s events strategy for 2016 - 2020 outlines the ongoing use of the park for commercial events, which could mean it’s used for more than eight events per year.

The group also wants to ensure any revenue made from a park event is put back into the park.

The group will crowdfund for a pre-action letter, which it hopes will move the council to rethink its park’s policy, before making a legal challenge – which would cost £20,000.

“It is our sincere hope that when they review the legal situation – which affects all parks in the borough – and take into account the growing dissatisfaction amongst residents, Lambeth Council will rethink their policy without the need for further legal challenge,”

Lambeth Council’s events strategy divides the borough into five zones, with eight days of events an aim for each zone.

Fundraising efforts for the legal challenge will begin early next week.