A heart surgeon excluded from working at a hospital pending disciplinary proceedings says she is delighted after winning the latest stage of a High Court fight.

Professor Marjan Jahangiri had been excluded by bosses at St George's University Hospital in Tooting pending a disciplinary investigation into allegations made against her.

She took legal action and asked a judge to lift the exclusion order.

Mr Justice Nicklin on Tuesday ruled in her favour, following a High Court hearing in London, and said he was not satisfied that exclusion was necessary.

"I am delighted with today's judgment and very much look forward to returning to my patients," said Professor Jahangiri outside court.

"My priority, as it has always been, is combining excelled patient care with research and training."

Professor Janangiri had complained of being the victim of a "campaign".

The judge indicated that litigation was at an early stage and said he could not make "any such findings".

He said "any such findings" could only be made after a "proper consideration" of evidence at a trial.

Lawyers said Professor Janangiri had made a breach of contract complaint which had yet to be analysed.

They said further hearings were expected.