A barber that has been in Earlsfield for almost 100 years are set to welcome a former hair dresser, who helped run it in the 1930s.

Formally known a Barneys, Goodfellas on Garratt Lane was set up by Barney Jacobs. He ran the shop in the 1930s with his son Cyril and daughter Daphne, who took care of the ladies’ hairdressing.

Barney’s grandson, Stephen Royston said: “He [Barney]was a great character who served in two World Wars and loved children; he always had a jar of sweets at the ready and recited silly songs and rhymes. After Barney’s death in 1957 Cyril ran the shop under his own name until the late 80s.”

George Yiolides said: “I was delighted when they got in touch as we hear things about Barneys from our old customers. He was quite a character, so it would be great to hear some old stories about the shop.”

Geoff Simmons, a local historian, said: “How amazing to have a link going back almost one hundred years on Garratt Lane. A lot of people around here remember this shop with great affection and will be thrilled to hear about Daphne coming back. It would be lovely to hear from anyone who had their hair cut by her, Barney or Cyril.”

George Yiolides currently runs the barber shop as Goodfellas. Daphne intends to visit the shop in a few weeks, which was her home and workplace from the 1930s. Indeed, it remained her parents’ home until her mother moved to live with Daphne and her husband in the 1970s.

Stephen has many happy memories of visiting his grandparents there and recalls 'the swish of the trolley-buses going past as Barney cut my hair'.

Geoff will be telling Daphne's story on his 'Earlsfield Wandle Wander' on Saturday 8th September. A guided tour as part of Wandle Fortnight, it will cover the area between Plough Lane and the Henry Prince Estate. It starts at 2pm from the garden beside St Andrew's Church and will last about two hours.