A Wandsworth resident has created a website to tackle rising motorcycle crime.

BikersUnited.co.uk is a national database where victims of theft can report their stolen motorcycle, moped or scooter and alert other bikers in real-time to a theft in their area.

The website allows its users to report suspicious activity and those selling stolen vehicles, with the aim of disrupting criminal activity by making it harder for thieves to operate.

Founder of BikersUnited.co.uk, Ben Cope, said: “As an individual, it’s hard to tackle bike crime.

“However, as a group our collective input can make a difference.

“Bikers are a tight-knit community and there is a huge appetite to help the police track down and prosecute criminals who have, up to now, been operating with impunity.

“The structured nature of our reporting system enables us to build a picture of where these criminals are operating and gather clues that will prove vital additional evidence to the police and ensure bikers are aware of the activity in their area.”

Stolen vehicles are often used to carry out ‘Moped Enabled Thefts’, where criminals on moving mopeds snatch valuables, such as phones or handbags, from pedestrians.

The number of such thefts carried out in London alone has jumped from 827 in 2012 to over 23,000 in 2017.

Putney is ranked 88th out of 654 London wards for incidents of moped crime from 2012 to 2017.

Motorcycles and scooters are regularly stolen to order and stripped for parts.

Many are then cloned, which involves using a legitimate motorbike frame to rebuild a bike using stolen parts, or shipped overseas.

For more information visit: www.bikersunited.co.uk