Children at a Battersea primary school can now access hundreds of books for free, with the arrival of a pop-up book hut last Friday.

John Burns Primary School was one of five chosen as part of the London Children’s Book Project, a scheme encouraging reading across the capital.

Packed with a variety of books for children to choose from and take home, the hut will be in the playground until Friday, October 19, where children can use it freely at break times.

Ella Skeggs, a John Burns nursery teacher, said: “At John Burns, we are really passionate about fostering a love of reading and are excited to share our favourite stories, as well as new authors with the pupils.

“Research shows that children who have a book of their own are 15 times more likely to read above the level expected for their age than their peers who don’t own a book, so it is set to make a real impact on children’s learning.”

Pupils are encouraged to decorate the hut with pictures and balloons, and to leave reviews and recommendations for others.

Teachers can allocate a class at time to visit, or incorporate it into their creative work.

Summing up the scheme, a spokesperson from the London Children’s Book Project said: “The premise is simple: open it up, have a look and take a book.

“We want children to have fun with the Book Hut and to feel that it is theirs.”

Parents are also invited to contribute loved books or perhaps ones their children have grown out of to the collection.

For more information visit: @Lonbookproject