A retired pensioner has been left ‘scared’ and ‘upset’ after discovering a cockroach infestation in his building in Battersea.

Joe Stuart, 71, has lived in Arthur Court on Doddington Estate for over 30 years. In the last few summers the block of 20 flats has experienced an infestation of cockroaches, fleas, mice and bedbugs.

He said that the bugs come into the flat whenever the weather is warm.

“We are scared to go to sleep at night, the block takes cockroach watch each night to spray the insects. We are scared that they will get into our rooms when we are sleeping,” said Mr Stuart, “I spoke to Cllr Cook last year about this.

“He was aware of it and said he would pass on the details to the housing department. I had hoped something would be done. But they have come back this year. It seems like the council don’t care. They are aware of the infestation as I sent a letter last year and this year.”

In response Wandsworth Council said: “We are not aware of any such problems in this block and have certainly not received any similar reports from other residents. Our last contact from Mr Stuart was almost exactly a year ago and as we made clear to him then in writing, if people are experiencing problems of this kind then we will take action and we will send in our pest control team to remove any unwanted visitors.”