Residents are being asked for their input to help Lambeth Council shape its budget plan for the next four years as it looks to save another £43 million.

Having had its government funding cut by more than half since 2010, the council has had to make cuts of more than £200m, which has seen its office buildings reduced from 14 down to 2, as well as its workforce “cut in half”.

Now the council is consulting for its budget plan for the next four years, which will need to see another £43m in savings.

The council will soon be asking residents which services matter most to them and where they think savings could be made.

Cllr Andy Wilson, cabinet member for finance, described the situation as “a massive challenge.”

“£43m is more than we spend each year on waste collection, recycling, parks, libraries, children centres, roads & pavements and community safety combined,” he added.

“And despite these being the most visible council services, we actually spend most of our money on helping the most vulnerable residents of Lambeth – with Adult Social Care and looking after children.

“But the demand for more spending reductions is not over yet. And the consequences of those enforced cuts will affect some of the most vulnerable people in our communities.

“And that’s why we want to hear from you. We need you to help us make decisions that are right for Lambeth – to help us identify savings and produce a balanced budget in the fairest way possible.”

Starting in November 2018, a series of consultations are due to be launched on the council’s plans.

For more information, and to ensure you have the opportunity to have your say, visit: