To help local police enforce the borough’s 20mph speed limit in residential areas, the council is purchasing two speedguns which will be used by officers to ensure drivers keep their speed in check.

The speedguns will be used in areas where residents have expressed concerns about excessive vehicle speeds and also at ‘Community Roadwatch’ initiatives where local residents, neighbourhood watch groups and other community groups work together to encourage drivers to stick to the 20mph limit.

A borough-wide 20 mph speed limit was introduced in Wandsworth just over a year ago.

This lower limit applies in all of Wandsworth’s quieter residential backstreets and neighbourhoods and is designed to make roads safer and encourage other forms of sustainable transport like cycling and walking.

Accidents involving collisions between pedestrians and vehicles are three times less likely to be fatal if the speed of the impact is 20mph compared to 30mph.

Studies have shown that at 30mph, 55 per cent of collisions result in pedestrian fatalities while at 20mph this figure drops dramatically to just 17 per cent.

The change was made following a detailed public consultation. In total 59 per cent of residents who took part supported lower speeds in residential streets, while 64 per cent agreed the limit should not be reduced on main roads.

Cllr Cook said: "We must continue to encourage this good behaviour by carrying out regular enforcement. Research carried out earlier this year also found that four out of five motorists were complying with the 20mph limit. Police-led speed gun checks on nearly 7,000 vehicles showed that more than 80 per cent were sticking to lower speed limits and helping keep Wandsworth streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers."