A shop, which has been in Battersea for over 70 years, is in danger of being closed due to the increasing business rates.

Southern Foam SW11, Battersea Rise has been a staple of the high street for a number of years. However, they could be forced to close because of the business rates. This is a tax on property used for business purposes.

Every business has to use them but Rachel Kennedy, who has worked closly with the shop for a number of years, said this tax is 'killing our high streets'.

"This shop is so important to our community here in Battersea. It is the only one in London and people love coming in an seeing what they are buying. This tax on businesses is ruining any chance for small businesses to flourish.

"We have already seen our hight streets slowly deteriorate. This isn't just affecting us it is affecting a number of businesses in the area. The tax isn't like council tax either, businesses don't get any benefits from paying it. Soon our high street will be filled with big cooperation and chains, independent businesses are really suffering. The only reason we haven't closed yet is because out landlord has kept our rent at a reasonable price because he wants us to remain on the high street.

"This is becoming increasingly difficult because we have to pay almost £700 per month in business rates."

The Valuation Office Agency at the HMRC said they do not discuss individual cases, when approach for a comment.

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