Heavy flooding in a Battersea council block has left residents "suffering" as a result of damage and disruption.

On Friday (October 26), around 9am, residents at Penge House, Wye Street, noticed that parts of the block were flooded. Water was coming into the hallways and into flats. 

However, according to one resident, the council was informed promptly but did not come to the block until 2pm the same day. 

Kelzo Conteh said: “We were told that it was a burst pipe but did not understand why it took them so long to come. The lifts weren’t working, we had no power or lights. 

“They weren’t very forthcoming with information. All our taps were turned off, we had no access to water. Some of the residents in the block are elderly and because of the flooding they couldn’t leave.” 

Another resident urged the council to provide residents with alternative accommodation and compensation in some way. 

 A council spokesperson said: “Unfortunately this block suffered a burst water pipe in the tank room in the roof which led to flooding in some parts of the building and also affected its electrical supply. Our staff responded very quickly and managed to repair the leak and fix the electrical supply much sooner than originally forecast. 

“We also provided alternative accommodation to a number of residents whose homes had suffered water ingress. We kept all the residents fully informed via a series of handed delivered letters and had staff present throughout to offer help and support. 

“We have also provided details of how they can claim compensation if any of their possessions have suffered water damage. Obviously, any incident of this type is regrettable, but we did respond very quickly to support and assist our residents.”