A Tooting singer has teamed up with BAFTA winning animators, The Brothers McLeod, to create a positive, heart-warming song about the European Union.

Amy Collins, 27, is a singer-songwriter. She normally writes personal songs but as part of a project she wrote ‘Stay with EU,’ ahead of the People’s Vote March earlier this month.

Rather than criticising either side of the divisive Brexit issues, Amy decided to write a song playing homage to all the good things across the EU.

She linked up with Youtube animators The Brothers McLeod to create the video which was released in the lead up to the People’s Vote March, which drew almost 1,000,000 protestors.

Speaking to the Wandsworth Guardian, Amy said: “The response has been really good so far, with anything to do with Brexit it will cause debate. But the response has been 95 percent positive five percent negative.

“I wrote the song, not to add fire to the debate, but to create something positive about something a lot of people love. I had never written something political before, but I will in the future – I am actually writing something for War Children.”

Amy moved to Tooting Bec after graduating and choose it because she fell in love with south London. She said its ‘such a beautiful place and love it so much’.