An Earlsfield resident has been angered by Wandsworth Council's new parking permit system, after he was given a number of tickets.

Ashley Chisholm, 40, realised the council has merged its parking permit system with Richmond Council when applying for a new ticket.

During the transfer to the new system, his information was not transferred over. This meant that it took longer to apply for the permit in May.

After applying, he said he did not receive a new permit in the post and believed that the system was now all digital.

Mr Chisholm added he did not get any tickets for a few months but all of a sudden a couple of weeks ago, he started to get tickets.

He called up the permits department multiple times but told Wandsworth Guardian an automated machine said that the lines were busy and his phone call was cut.

Mr Chisholm was given a temporary cover permit– which has always been digital.

But despite this, he kept getting tickets.

When he approached the council about this, he said he was told that there are problems issuing permits and traffic wardens had been instructed to issue tickets to anyone without a permit, regardless of whether they have temporary cover or not.

Mr Chisholm said: "I got loads of tickets even though I have the relevant permits. The new system doesn't seem to be working and its affecting residents. I'm not the only one who has been affected by this."

A Wandsworth Council spokesperson said: “We recently introduced a new online parking system which is designed to let residents manage all their permit transactions more easily. Before the switch was made we sent out emails to all existing permit holders to advise them of the change and what they needed to do to access the new system. We are however aware that there have been teething problems with the new system and that some residents have experienced difficulties using it. This has led to a higher than expected volume of calls and emails which have affected response times. We are working hard to resolve these issues and would like to apologise anyone who has experienced problems.

“Despite the problems, more than 41,000 residents have set up their accounts on the new system, 13,500 have auto-renewed their permits, more than 10,000 other permits have been processed and 103,000 visitor permits have been purchased.”