Battersea-based boxer Callum Myles admits he wants to inspire youngsters in the area as he prepares for his second professional fight. 

The 20-year-old's only bout so far came in March last year against Aleksejs Tronekovs, whom he stopped in the first few rounds of the fight. 

The youngster's life could have been very different until a youth worker directed him to the prestigious Fitzroy Lodge amateur boxing club. It was here he would go on to win the London ABA finals two years on the run whilst also be picking to represent Team London in Germany against Munich. 

And Myles admits if it wasn't for the intervention of others, he may be in far more unfortunate circumstances. 

“I was hanging around on the streets and getting into a bit of trouble when I was younger,” he said, “I was doing what a lot of kids do when they aren't really doing anything or having anything to occupy them. Just hanging around with the wrong crowd and stuff.

“Then I was introduced to a guy called George Turner who is a youth worker, he sent me to Fitzroy Lodge. As soon as I walked in there I fell in love with the sport, I had been in football teams and played other sports but nothing got my adrenaline going as much as boxing. 

“Now after turning pro I have a lot of people that come and watch me from the local area, Wandsworth, Battersea, Clapham and everywhere. 

“I want any kids that might have been in the position that I was in to know that you don't have to just be hanging around and being a problem. Boxing can be an answer, school and education can be an answer. I feel like I should be a role model for these kids in my area now.”

Callum fights on November 24 at York Hall, tickets can be brought through his social media. He is on Facebook as Callum Myles, Instagram and Twitter as @CallumMyles98.